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Why Bristlecone?

Bristlecone Advisors is distinctly qualified to deliver deep institutional expertise through a customized, high-touch, boutique client experience.

Institutional Capabilities

Integrated and Comprehensive – We provide a complete offering of integrated wealth management and family office services, including coordination with your other professional advisors. We can help you pursue a wide variety of special projects, including unique purchases, construction projects, or even unique events or travel.

Expertise – You receive precise, forward thinking solutions from your personal investment team, who have industry experience ranging from 15 to 35 years, many of whom also have advanced degrees and certifications. Our investment team offers the depth and experience to builds customized, diversified portfolios to meet the unique needs of our individual and institutional clients.

Safety and Security – Our partner, Charles Schwab Institutional Services, the largest RIA custodian in the United States – holds all client assets and provides you with 24-hour access, regular statements, and complete record-keeping, as well as peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.

Investment Resources – Your Bristlecone investment team has extensive depth in all aspects of the investment process, from evaluating the vast landscape of fund managers to creating customized portfolios. Our expertise spans from traditional to nontraditional asset classes, and includes personalized impact investments if, for example, you are interested in socially responsible investing. Because we have a long history of helping clients focus their investments in venture capital and private equity, your investment management team is personally connected with top money managers across the country, giving you direct access to a broad array of investment resources.

Outstanding Results – At the end of the day, it is your results and satisfaction that matter most. We have the fundamentals in place – people, resources, and objectivity – to deliver the maximum benefits on every front.

Boutique Experience

Proactive – We anticipate your needs with nimble, responsive advice and execution.

Customized – Your unique situation and objectives drive our integrated, comprehensive advice.

Objective – Our only commitment is to you – your goals, your interests, and your results. You experience absolutely no third-party fees that might cause a conflict of interest or distort our recommendations.

Communicative – We empower you through transparent and honest communication.

Confidential – Your privacy is paramount.

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