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  • Financial Planning – Our services involve merging financial planning concepts with an investment strategy that is personalized to your lifestyle, aspirations, and capacity to endure market changes. Our goal is to strike the right balance for you between risk and return on an after-tax and after-fee basis.
  • Portfolio Design – As a result of listening intently to your goals and objectives, we prepare a personalized investment policy statement which serves as a guide to your investment portfolio. In the design process, we discuss and agree on appropriate long-term risk tolerance, and optimize for asset location to aid in reducing the tax impacts to your portfolio.
  • Individually Managed Securities – We build diversified portfolios based on each client’s objectives, utilizing the optimum blend of individual equities and bonds with top mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Our proprietary strategy blends a top-down, macroeconomic review with a bottom-up, fundamental research. The customized efficiency of individual securities can provide superior after-tax returns with proactive management.
  • Manager Search and Selection – Our internal research team conducts unbiased manager due diligence to identify managers for our client portfolios. When possible, we negotiate preferential terms including fees, account sizes, and custom mandates.
  • Portfolio Implementation – We manage a thoughtful, logical transition from your current portfolio to your recommended strategic target portfolio. The transition process is particularly sensitive to tax implications in terms of evaluating the impact and timing of incurring taxes related to recommended changes.
  • Consolidated Reporting – In addition to regular statements provided by your custodian, we prepare a set of clear, concise, and comprehensive reports designed to illustrate your holistic financial picture in a single view.
  • Custom Analysis – We provide ongoing, tailored evaluation of performance, risk metrics, and portfolio characteristics. This information is key in our advice regarding cash flow, sustainable spending rates, and long-term planning.
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