With Bristlecone Advisors, you get a disciplined investment approach and the benefit of 100% open architecture. Our objective, forward-thinking investment philosophy offers a fresh perspective and a new outlook. We integrate historical information with current analytics and market trends to compose your portfolio with an eye toward what lies ahead. This delicate, thoughtful balance of past, present and future aims to position your portfolio for consistent, predictable and positive results.

Why Bristlecone?

We believe that incremental gains – compounded over time – yield superior outcomes. People you trust…talented investment professionals…unbiased advice…motivated by client satisfaction. All of the pieces come together to complete your personal investment experience.

  • Internal investment team – Bristlecone’s internal investment team has extensive depth in all aspects of the investment process, from evaluating mangers to creating customized portfolio’s for clients. Our experience spans the traditional and nontraditional asset classes and includes personalized impact investments for those clients seeking a purpose beyond the bottom line.
  • External consultants – To augment our internal resources, Bristlecone has partnered with Callan Associates, one of the country’s largest independent consulting firms. Through their team of more than 50 dedicated consultants and analysts, Callan provides global capital market insight and manager research to over 500 institutional investors who oversee in excess of $3 trillion. This powerful team approach results in our ability to deliver our clients customized investment solutions built from the strength of an institutional platform.
  • Nimble – Bristlecone’s low client-to-advisor ratio is your advantage. As your needs change and economic conditions and markets shift, we are in position to act quickly in your best interest.
  • Objective – Our only commitment is to you – your goals, your interests, your outcomes.
  • Results – At the end of the day, it is results that matter. And, we believe that we have the fundamentals in place – people, resources, and objectivity – to deliver.


“We believe that incremental gains – compounded over time – yield superior outcomes.”