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Founded in 1999 as an independent investment advisory firm and multi-family office, Bristlecone Advisors is united by our unwavering commitment to exceptional client service. The advice and solutions you receive are completely objective and personalized to meet your specific goals and lifestyle. Our approach is proactive and forward-looking on your behalf, with the ultimate goals of giving you both economic and personal value, simplifying the complexities that may accompany wealth, and returning time and peace of mind to you.

We work hard to consistently earn your trust. In your client-advisor relationship with Bristlecone Advisors, you can expect a strong personal investment from us. This deeper connection allows us to accomplish the extraordinary for our clients. Focused attention and comprehensive communication combine to build a solid foundation for creating highly customized financial solutions and finely tailored life solutions.

We are true caretakers. We create partnerships that engage your entire family's health, happiness, and well-being. This uniquely personal approach is designed to give you greater confidence and security that we are doing the right thing for you.

Here are some concrete ways Bristlecone Advisors invests in you:

  • Transitioning the responsibilities of wealth to the next generation – A client recently asked us to help his son invest his savings and teach him how investments work, what risk means, and what he could expect given his investment guidelines. We can help prepare your family's next generation for success, offering everything they need to foster a productive lifelong client/advisor relationship – helpful tools, experienced insights, and personal introductions to other professional advisors.
  • Managing caregivers for aging family members – As generations age, their needs evolve. We help you shepherd that transition by providing access to experienced, high-quality caregivers to ensure your peace of mind, or even giving seniors a continued sense of independence by arranging driving service to and from regular health-care appointments.
  • Complex planning and coordination – Many of our clients have multiple properties, often in different states. Others require coordination of estate plans, or caretaking of their billing cycle. As part of our family office offering, we take care of coordinating your entire platform of financial, personal, and professional needs, alleviating your burden so you have more free time for family, career, and other priorities.
  • Family succession – Clients sometimes need guidance and reassurance regarding who should step in to guide the family through times of crisis or when family leadership is challenged. Because we have intimate knowledge of your goals and objectives, we can be your advocate to ensure your wishes are carried out.
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